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My name is Onur Iseri. I am a digital artist & web designer based in Amsterdam. I love creating custom digital experiences with focus on branding, UI Design, creative development & micro animations.
I work with  start-ups, agencies and individuals around the globe. Feel free to contact me whether you want to create a unique brand, digital product or a website.


My name is Onur Iseri. I am a digital artist & web designer based in Amsterdam. I love creating custom digital experiences.  Feel free to contact me if you want to create a unique brand, digital product or a website.


UI Design​ Web Design

 Motion Design


UI Design   ​ Web Design

 Motion Design

Visual identity  /  Web design

Ukiyo NYC

The story of Ukiyo New York

Ukiyo is a Michelin Star awarded sushi restaurant located in New York. Created with the vision of Chef Tarou Sugiya, Ukiyo creates superior dining experiences, unforgettable, personal, beautiful, and a feast for the senses. The concept of the restaurant is influenced by the chef's childhood memories of excellent fish from the seafood business of his grandfather in Hokkaido. Ukiyo was, thus, born in 1997. Designed using elements from ancient temples of Hokkaido, it aims to take it's patrons to a culinary dimension, where time and space are transformative and can be treasured at any moment.


The name of the sushi restaurant 浮世 ( read: Ukiyo) means the floating world in Japanese. It describes the pleasure-seeking aspects of life. The client wanted to enhance this ideology and requested it to be embedded in the branding process. 

Visual Identity

The logo contains a simple text "ukiyo". And inside the letter "o", a traditional Japanese  illustration of fish is created to strengthen the meaning of the logo. Additionally, micro animated  letter "o" provides a dynamic feeling within the minimalistic website. 


Typography was selected the represent the minimalism of the brand. The choice was to pair two fonts derived from the same family. For the headings a rounded font is selected "Object Sans". As forthebodyd text, a more natural font "helvetica"  became the first choice. 


The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.

Colour Palette

The desire to be close to nature is very important in Japanese culture. The brand needed to reflect this in order to create a natural feel. Therefore, light green is used to project a natural feeling and calmness.


The website is created as a one page site which contains all necessary information about the restaurant. Following the traditional Japanese grid design, I was able to present the website which contained both minimal and dynamic elements. Additionally, because Ukiyo only offers fresh sushi, the client requested implementation of a booking system where guests can pre-book their favourite dishes. Consequently, a booking engine is designed in the same simple method to compliment the whole branding. 


The mobile layout of the website needed to be minimal yet impactful. To achieve this, an oversized logo with scroll animation is placed on the top as a welcome screen. When the guests scroll, the logo animates along with the scroll in order to create a modern look while keeping the story of Ukiyo at heart. 


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The definition of Ukiyo is "floating world"; a place of fleeting beauty and living in the moment, detached from the bothers of life.

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